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How Do You Treat Glaucoma?

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Glaucoma is a visual disorder that affects over 3 million people across the United States. Most people try to treat the disorder with medication or laser therapies, but there are natural remedies that they can consider as well.


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Natural Treatments for Glaucoma

If you have been diagnosed with glaucoma, then you will want to be aware of the different treatments available. Here are some ways that you can alleviate your symptoms.

Reduce Sugar Intake

Consuming excess sugar forces your body to secrete large amounts of insulin. Insulin can boost your blood pressure, which causes pressure on your eyes. You may want to cut back on carbohydrates from simple carbohydrates such as bread, white sugar and crackers.

Shift Away from Trans Fats

Trans fats can also cause poor circulation, which exacerbates the symptoms of glaucoma. You will want to reduce your consumption of trans fats as much as possible. The FDA has recently banned them, but you may still find them in shortening and many other ingredients. You will want to avoid eating these foods if you feel that your glaucoma is worsening.

Consume More Antioxidants

Antioxidants are the best natural anti-inflammatories. You will want to increase your consumption of foods that are rich in them. You will want to specifically be eating foods that have a lot of:

  • Vitamin C. These foods include berries and citrus fruits.
  • Vitamin E. Fortified cereals and sunflower seeds are good sources.
  • Milk is a great source of meltonin. So are many fresh fruits such as apples and oranges.

Eating as many antioxidants as possible should help reduce pressure around your eyes, which is necessary if you are suffering from glaucoma.

Consider Natural Herbs

There are a number of excellent natural herbs for people suffering from glaucoma. Cannabis is a great option if you are living in Colorado or another state that has legalized it for medicinal purposes, you can have several great options available for treatment. Make sure that you get a prescription first. Eyebright herbs can also be highly effective. If you find an alternative medical expert that had a traditional medical background, then you may want to consider working with them.

Exercise Regularly

Exercise is important for reducing blood pressure, which is necessary to keep your eyes healthy. You should seek to work out at least 30 minutes a day at least five days a week to keep yourself healthy and reduce the risk of glaucoma.

Consider Acupuncture

Many people turn to acupuncture as a treatment for glaucoma. There isn’t any hard evidence proving that acupuncture actually helps with it. However, it probably won’t hurt and many patients claim that it has been very helpful for helping with their side effects. You will want to make sure that you find a good acupuncturist though, because some people don’t have a very long track record in the profession.