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Does Your Partner Have a Sexual Addiction?


Sexual addictions have become very prevalent in the United States in recent years. The American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy estimates that 12 million people are suffering from sexual addictions. The problem is often unidentified, but can create serious problems for their spouses. If you believe your spouse has a sexual addiction, then you should look for the warning signs.

Sexual Addiction
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Red Flags that Your Partner is a Sex Addict

One of the biggest reasons that many people don’t recognize their partners are sex addicts is that they are often in denial. They don’t want to admit that the person they have given their lives to may have difficulty reciprocating their affections to the same degree. You need to open your mind to the possibility and look for these red flags.

They Are Constantly Being Deceptive

Sexual addicts tend to turn into pathological liars. Brian Whitney, a sex addict and contributor to the Huffington Post, explains that this is because they are leading double lives. They are either cheating on their partners, constantly viewing pornography or both. If you are constantly catching your partner in lies, then it could be that they are dealing with this addiction.

They Guilt Trip You for Not Having Enough Sex

Sex addicts rarely feel satisfied with sex. They may berate their partners for not having more sex with them. The guilt trips aren’t nearly as bad as the anger that arises after their requests are denied. Refusing them sex can push them into darker and more dangerous sexual activities.

Experiments with More Risky Sexual Fetishes

Sexual addicts often elevate to more risky activities. They may engage in prostitution, exhibitionism, seeking sex with total strangers, accessing obscene content on the Internet, or other behavior that can lead to serious problems. Most sex addicts never engage in activities that could lead to criminal charges or serious health risks, but the risk becomes greater if the addiction is untreated.

The problems usually begin with taboo but otherwise safe and legal fetishes such as consensual BDSM. However, it can evolve to more problematic behavior if it isn’t addressed. As their partner, you need to be aware of these activities to avoid being exposed to potential STDs or risk getting tied up in their legal problems.

They Show Little Empathy for Your Comfort Levels

Healthy sexual relationships depend on mutual respect. There is nothing wrong with your partner discussing unusual sexual activities, as long as they are safe and something you are both comfortable with. However, people with sexual addictions are often narcissistic with regards to their sex lives. They may show little concern for your boundaries, which can escalate into more serious problems.

Why You Need to Recognize Sexual Addicted Partners

Sexual addicts can create a number of problems for their partners. They may become dangerous if their sexual behaviors become more perverse. However, this is a pretty rare problem. The bigger issue is that they can neglect you in favor of online stimuli or commit infidelity. This can lead to bitterness, anger and ultimately failed relationships. You want to be aware of these problems and try to get them treatment if possible.

Signs Your Best Friend Could Be Dealing with Addiction

Your best friend since high school has started acting strange and you can’t really put your finger on it. One thing you do notice is the fact that she’s been drinking a lot more than usual when you’re around her. You want to help, but you want to be sure that there is a problem before you approach her. Determining whether someone you care for has a problem with alcohol is easier said than done.

Despite what you might know about the stereotypical drunk who acts belligerent and can barely stand is not necessarily what you’re going to see when you’re around your friend. Likely if there is an issue she’s ashamed, embarrassed, and afraid to come forward and get help. This means they can be very good at hiding the signs from you. That’s why knowing what to pay attention to can help you recognize the signs of alcohol abuse or addiction in your friend and support her in getting the help that she needs.

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Learn as Much as You Can

Before approaching your bestie about her potential issue, it can be beneficial to first learn a bit more about addiction and the treatment options. This way you can be a great source of support for her when she is ready to get help. Aside from talking with a doctor, one of your best sources of information about alcohol addiction in women and treatment options is specifically tailored rehab for women. A rehab facility will have trained abuse and addiction counselors as well as medical personnel on staff to answer your questions and give you reliable tips on how to help your friend.

Signs Your Friend is Hiding an Alcohol Problem

  1. Increased Quantity

One of the first signs that your best friend could be hiding an alcohol problem is her increased consumption. With alcohol dependency and addiction, the person’s body develops a high tolerance for the substance requiring a person to use more. Examples might include you noticed your friend refills her glass more than once at girl’s night or always seems to have a wine bottle ready to open.

  1. Missing In Action

Increased isolation is another sign that your friend could be dealing with an alcohol problem. If she’s missing events that she would normally make or seems to be turning down your offers to hang out, it is possible that she’s trying to hide her addiction from you. Loss of interest in activities and people is fairly common when suffering from addiction. There simply becomes a point where their addiction seems to consume their lives leaving little room for much else.

  1. Money Trouble

Someone who is suffering from addiction will often fall into financial troubles. The cost of affording alcohol on the consistent basis can be enough to cause necessary bills to fall behind. If your friend has been stressed about finances lately, or seems to be asking you for financial assistance, they could be trying to pay for their vice.

  1. Physical Changes

If a person has been suffering from addiction for a while, they could start to change physically. Though alcohol affects everyone differently, some changes you might notice include drastic changes in their weight, decreased overall health (getting sick more often), changes in the skin, and so on.

If you’ve noticed any of these signs when interacting with your best friend she could really need some help. When approaching her on the matter, be sure that you communicate with her in a loving and supportive way as addiction can be very difficult to admit and deal with. Once she is ready to receive help, pointing her in the direction of rehab facilities for treatment would be the best option. Though it may be hard to deal with, knowing that she has her bestie there every step of the way will make the treatment and recovery process a lot easier to get through.

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