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Things You Need To Consider Before Having Plastic Surgery

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Plastic surgery can be a big step, and it can be anything from a full facelift to a little tummy tuck. Not only can it cost thousands and thousands of pounds; it’s altering your body surgically, so it’s important that you think about it properly before making any crazy decisions to have those Nicki Minaj style bum implants. Here are the things you need to consider before having plastic surgery:


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You Shouldn’t Always Listen To Google

Google isn’t always accurate when searching for a plastic surgeon online. Search engines use various algorithms to rank websites, so a website that you find at the top of Google may not necessarily be the best clinic. You need to really make an effort to search if plastic surgery is something you’re really considering.

Why Not Ask Your GP?

Your GP might have some recommendations for you, so you can go and speak to some consultants that he recommends. This could be a great place to start!

Have Plenty of Consultations

To really digest information and get an idea of what the different clinics suggest for you, you’ll want to have plenty of consultations – at least 3! The more appointments you make, the more information you’ll take in. You need to be totally clued up before making a decision as big as this. Book your first consultation with Take a notebook too so you don’t forget anything!

You Want to Choose a Surgeon, Not a Company

Don’t buy into fancy advertising or a company brand – at the end of the day, the surgeon is going to be performing your operation, so it’s that person you need to learn about. Most great surgeons have a CV they hand out to potential clients that lists their training, qualifications, and specialities. Once you’ve done that, you can then take a look at the quality care commission (a regulatory body for this industry), to make sure that they’re legit.

Don’t Go For The ‘Best Deal’

The ‘best deal’ or cheapest surgeon is never a good idea (unless you’ve considered everything else and it turns out that they happen to be the cheapest). A surgeon should never offer a potential patient discounts to encourage them to have the operation, as it is against their code of practice and extremely unethical. Surgery is serious, so if you really want it you should be willing to pay the price.

There Could Be Complications

Of course, no matter how skilled the surgeon is that you’ve chosen, there could be potential complications. A good success rate to have is 95%, and any surgeon that tries to tell you there won’t be any complications is lying to you. Walk away! The human body is extremely complex, so there’s always a chance of something going awry. If you’re serious about surgery, you need to be prepared for this. Try to get the statistics of the surgeon to see how many operations have had to be re-done.

Plastic surgery shouldn’t be taken lightly, and should only be used as a last resort if you’re very unhappy about an area of your body. Beware that some people can find it addictive, and can end up spending hundreds of thousands to only make themselves look fake, and probably much worse than they did before. Only have surgery if you have the right mindset and are prepared to deal with any risks and fees involved!